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RRC youth of TERF’s Academy college of arts and science, Tirupur is encouraged to learn about healthy and life styles. The RRC promotes access to information on healthy life and voluntary blood donation. They create and provide opportunity to the volunteers among youth to contribute towards the control and prevention of HIV & AIDS. The Red Ribbon Club is a voluntary on – Campus intervention program for students. The programme organized by RRC addresses the knowledge attitude and behaviour of youths in the interrelated areas of Voluntary Blood Donation, HIV & AIDS, as demanded by their age, environment, and life style.

RRC Activities

Red Ribbon club Programme with the objective of bringing about behaviour change in young minds employs various strategies like:

  • Celebrating Life Program.
  • Peer education and leadership trainings.
  • Cultural Competitions.
  • Interactions with positive people, Transgender, Injection Drug users, ICTC – Counsellers.
  • Awareness campaigns (Rallies, Outreach activities).

Operational Framework at Institution

  • Red Ribbon Club coordinator will support of programme officer will be responsible for regular activities.
  • Two activities like Seminar, competitions, rallies etc.,
  • Voluntary Blood Donation Camp will be organized.
  • Visit ICTC/ART Centers and other health related services.